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Couldn't spot any threads (or at least titles) discussing this problem, so made one myself.

It actually hasn't been working for a long while by now. The "Continue Watching:" part has an UPF episode from last year which won't disappear from there no matter how many times I watch it, while the "Finished:" section has a seemingly random list of videos which have stayeds the same for months by now.

It's not a huge issue as I rarely leave any videos unfinished, but I suppose it'd still be nice to get it fixed eventually.

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@glots: I think I fixed this for you; let me know if it's still ongoing.

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@rorie: Hey, I'm having an issue with my continue watching page too (Can't make my own thread yet though). It has no listed videos in Continue Watching, or Finished. I've watched a few episodes of Steal My Sunshine and Thirteen Deadly Sims since I started my premium membership.