Could you please change your html on the video thumbnails so the "play" icon doesn't cover the whole thumbnail picture?

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As stated in the title.

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I'm assuming you mean this:

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The play button is pretty big.

If they did it Gamespot style it could look like:

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And while I'm at it, might as well look at the Premium button too:

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Could work.

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Woah that is large-ish. Apparently I don't look at the front page much because on the video page there are no play buttons on the thumbnails.

I will say the current size seems useful for identifying premium videos though.

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They should at a "Download here" button while there at it. referring to.

Vinny and the internet

And yeah buttons are way to big even a blind person some how sees the play button.

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Personally, I don't mind them at all. I imagine it helps advertise premium accounts for those that aren't subscribers.

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Yes, that would be awesome!
That way it's not covering whatever is underneath. (Like today it completely covered 3 people's faces)