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This has been a problem for a very long time. The text isn't trashed anymore, but it's still annoying when you want to post a comment and you have to refresh the page, find the person you're responding to, make any edits on the quote, etc.

Is this on a list to fix or is it something that's intrinsic to the way the comments on the site work?

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I just ran into this error after spending hours putting together a character list. Literally nothing I could do other than lose the list by refreshing. Of course it wasn't remembered. I tried clearing cookies, anything I could possibly do without reloading that tab but nothing worked. Really peeved about all that work I lost, and apparently I can't make a topic about it because I'm new and I see nobody responded to this thread when it was originally made. If this isn't something the site finds worth fixing, is there at least anything I can do to prevent future inability to submit a list because of an expired CSRF token or whatever?

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@fawfultg64: sorry for the trouble! Unfortunately the CSRF invalid messages are a byproduct of an attempt to prevent CRSF attacks. The timer on them is around two hours, so if you want to avoid them in the future you can do so by saving your list from time to time and then re-opening it to edit it afterwards. Apologies for the lost work.

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