Different episodes appear on Shows pages seemingly arbitrarily?

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So, this might be confusing but... I noticed that when I navigate to the page for "E3 vs GB" through the "Shows" page it doesn’t contain the 2018 press conferences and some Vlogs. If I go to the video page for one of them it shows a different collection of episodes that includes all of those videos... ones that don’t show on the page for "E3 vs GB" when navigating to it from the "Shows" page...



I also noticed the same thing happens for "Bombin' the A.M." when I viewed an episode for the series under "On This Day" on the home page, but if I go to it from the link on the "Shows" page, it shows different videos.... what???


Shows' page from the link on yesterday’s "On This Day":


From the link on the "Shows" page:


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Prefacing that I didn’t state before: my only device is a phone, so I can only see the carousel view.

I was able check the website on a device with a larger screen; the episodes that are not showing up on "E3 vs GB" under "More episodes" when navigating to it from the Shows page seem to only be a problem for the carousel view. When I switch to grid view, I can see that there are multiple pages and I am able to go between pages, but there is no way to see the other pages with the carousel view.

The issue I stated in the previous post with "Bombin' the A.M." seems to be an issue with both grid and carousel view though.