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Hey duders, so I view GB on a 13" Macbook with chrome taking up the entire screen and for some reason it cuts off info on both sides of the site. If I play with the dimensions and scroll it in about two inches it will display correctly but in a smaller window. Anybody else have this problem or know what's up? Thanks!

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I don’t think there is anything being cut off there other than the Dark Theme button.

I do agree that the site doesn’t look very good at narrow widths though. Rather than being properly reformatted, it just looks “squished”. 960×1080 looks worse than it did on the old site. (window snapped to one side on a 1080p display)

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The page header doesn't seem to be resizing properly when zooming in and out in Chrome.

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@beachonthemoon: Hit command 0 in Chrome. You zoomed into the site and are viewing things at like 125%