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Hey there!

I'm running the website in a Chrome window and the usual big front page story display isn't appearing. Simpy just a list of all the videos and features but no big window of the most recent post from the site. Is this on purpose? Just a heads up!

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#2 Posted by AlisterCat (7365 posts) -

30 minutes ago it was displaying for me, so I don't know what they changed recently but it happened to me too.

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#3 Posted by MrPlatitude (134 posts) -

Firefox too.

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Same thing for me as well. Only the list of videos and features and forum stuff is showing up on the front page the featured stuff is not showing up at all. I'm on Chrome and windows 7

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#5 Posted by NL_Buddha (61 posts) -

Same here, MacOS on Safari

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I think this was a quick error with promos that should be resolved now.