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It's just the standard user list, sorted by Wiki points.

I'm on Chrome, Macbook Pro, subscriber.

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There is no staff.

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This was an intentional change after the last hacking attempt. No sense in giving people a list of accounts to target. We just haven't gotten around to getting rid of the link yet, I think.

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Seriously? Security through obscurity is the way to do it these days? It's also trivial to find the accounts of at least one third of the GB staff. The less-public-facing staff is harder, but wouldn't be impossible to figure out.

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We're all staff! Hooray!!

Edit: Also, yeah. I could name 95% of the staff off the top of my head right now.

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@doomed: It's not intended to be any huge security lockdown; just something simple that we could do. Almost everyone who posts on the forums already knows the staff members that matter day-to-day, anyway.