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Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but all the forums on the front page say the last update was hours ago which clearly isn't the case. I know I can just click through to the main forum page but thought you might like to know in case this is a larger problem (or just some setting I have messed up or something)

Here is a pic:

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Have you tried deleting cookies, clearing cache, etc? If that doesn't work could you post your OS and browser versions here to help the Engi's out? Thanks, x

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I have the same problem. In chrome and firefox on win7.

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@sweep said:

Have you tried deleting cookies, clearing cache, etc? If that doesn't work could you post your OS and browser versions here to help the Engi's out? Thanks, x

Yeah did that and it hasn't changed anything. It is happening on two computers in my house. This laptop which I am now which is Windows 8 and Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m (apparently) The other one is windows XP (service pack 3) and the same version of Chrome I suppose.

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I've been having a problem where when I click "new topic" it just goes to a white screen and doesn't actually load the page.

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Having the same issue on my PC using Win 7 and the latest version of Chrome, as well as my iPad Air running iOS 7.1.1 and Safari.

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I'm getting this problem, too.

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I'm getting this as well. Exact same time too.

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Yup, same problem here.

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Probably a caching issue or something else; I'll try to let an engineer know about it.

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Same here, same threads too.

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it looks like we may have a bad cache box, but we're going into the weekend so i'll try to get it fixed on monday.

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it fixed itself and then broke again. It seems to only be refreshing the threads on the main page every 24 hours.

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Yep same problem.

It looks like they are only updating once every 24 hours.

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Just wanted to throw out that I'm having the same problem as well.

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Same with me.

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I'm having the same issue, but it only happens sometimes. I notice that it seems to update for a couple of hours, but eventually stops updating when I refresh the home page.

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Still going on for me as well. Front page claims there hasn't been a new post in 21 hrs and if I click on one of those threads it takes me to whatever the most recent post was.... 21 hours ago.

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Have the same problem using chrome.

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The white, my eyes!

But yeah same here, Chrome, OSX.

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We have a fix in for this. Should be out soon™.

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now out