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In two different cases, the forums seem to redirect visitors to incorrect pages:

- occasionally when I am browsing the forums and hit back/forward in my browser I am taken to a completely different forum thread.

- Occasionally links to specific forum threads redirect to completely different forum threads. I sent a link to someone by email (https://www.giantbomb.com/e3-2018/3015-9042/forums/the-official-ubisoft-thread-1835429/2) and it lead them to (https://www.giantbomb.com/super-mario-world/3030-1334/forums/when-is-mario-going-to-die-2/) instead.

I also tested the forum link from my email and it also redirected me in the same manner.

I'm in Chrome. Many thanks!

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Been getting the same issue and i'm using Firefox. It's been happening for awhile now.

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I noticed this issue is a result of a url having it's (#) symbol removed once it loads. Typically the URL would be (https://www.giantbomb.com/e3-2018/3015-9042/forums/the-official-ubisoft-thread-1835429/#2) but once you load it the hashtag symbol gets removed, then if you copy the url from your browser it's no longer the original url and it riggity wrecks itself before it checks itself.

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Yeah, been happening to me too on Firefox.

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Same here, Firefox.

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#9 Posted by WillyOD (301 posts) -

Can confirm has been happening for a while already, somehow I thought it was a known bug.

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Also been happening to me on Android's chrome browser for a couple weeks.

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FireFox with Windows 10, with and without Adblock and Ghostery but with some privacy settings in place (if by any chance that would relate to redirect glitches). Haven't tried Chrome though I'm guessing it would be more of the same.

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Safari on iOS as well, and assuming Safari in general? I imagine this is just a general redirecting issue that plagues any browser.

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Happens to me in Chrome for both Android and Windows.

In addition to forward/back, it also happens when refreshing a page. Every time it has happened to me, it has brought me to either a 404 page, or a very old thread (9-10 years old).

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Another FireFox Windows 10 user here, happening to me too

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Also Firefox Windows 10 and this has been happening for weeks now.