GB twitter feed not updating?

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Is anyone else's twitter feed thing not updating on the main page? Mine just shows the last 6 posts from Alyx and the newest one is 6 days old now.

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It's completely gone as of this post. Frankly, I'd be perfectly happy if it never came back. It always seemed like an afterthought anyway and the less Twitter there is in people's lives the better.

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Rorie said on another thread that they're aware of the bug and it's being looked at.

As for the feature influence on the amount of twitter usage, i feel like it's not all that clearcut.

Like there's plenty of chatter happening around GB's twitter presence (Alex playing with his band, his Nicholas Cage escapades, Jeff watching TV salesmen sell Xbox Ones to parents, Abby launching her dearest Abby project, streams happening). Without this box, i would either miss out on a lot or i'd have to actually start using twitter myself which lowers the boundary to venture beyond GB and drastically increase twitter activity. I see the feature as a nice little walled garden that keeps me away from Twitter.

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It's being looked into still. Hopefully will be resolved soon.

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Plus one to appreciating the twitter box, especially to get Twitter without having to use Twitter