GB videos won't play if you block 3rd party cookies on Firefox 65.

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I block all third party cookies using Firefox and it worked fine on giant bomb until Firefox 65 came out, now the videos just won't play. Videos work fine in chrome with 3rd party cookies blocked.

I'm using Firefox 65.0. 64 bit on windows 10, I use no addons since I created a new Firefox profile for testing this. The only thing I changed is the content blocking setting to block all third party cookies. I tested with this video:

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Here is a screenshot:

I can post more logs if needed but you should be able to reproduce this.

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@forcen: I will file a bug for this!

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Now that I resubbed to premium I noticed that it works fine if you use progressive mode but not HTML5.

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This bug is now back. (maybe it never went away? I use chrome for videos 99% of the time) I'm using latest Firefox with 3rd party cookies blocked and playing this video while logged out.

If i log in and use progressive then it works.

Request to access cookie or storage on “…ason_08_,250,800,1800,4000,.mp4.csmil/index_1_av.m3u8?null=0” was blocked because we are blocking all third-party storage access requests and content blocking is enabled. free-video

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I have the same problem. Switching to progressive works but not html 5