gbinfinite number of people watching counter is broken

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The counter near the top left corner that shows how many people are watching is broken and it seems it will not always register when people leave the page. This has been the case for quite a while, but with the total count creeping up and more people stopping by lately, it seems like it's getting close to once a day someone will remark on the viewer count being so high or ask if it's right.

For comparison, right now the page's viewer count says 2045 people are watching whereas the twitch viewer's builtin counter saying 305 people.

It seems that the counter is constantly increasing since there are probably times where the chat backend doesn't register that a viewer left (I'd guess from browsers crashing, devices losing internet access, etc.). From poking at some of the javascript variables it seems that anonymous users are way more likely to not have them leaving registered (Phoenix.FireChat.Core.Chat.getRoomUsers("Main").CountAnon returns 1697 for me right now).

I imagine this problem must also happen in main chat during livestreams, but the rate at which the counter drifts up is so incredibly slow that it's impossible for it to be off by a noticeable amount during the few hours a livestream lasts in comparison to GBI where the chat has been up for months on end.

From my understanding of how chat is implemented, I'd guess fixing the counter to not leak viewers would be prohibitively difficult, so I'd suggest just removing that UI element from being displayed for the chat in /infinite (but leave in in /chat since it isn't noticeably broken there), that way at least people won't see any incorrect information.