Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3 2019: Nite 3 is still processing and not aviable for download.

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Its been like that for three days, tried on multiple devices

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The video being referred to by OP is here.

I will piggyback on this post that the download links for Nite Three at E3 2019: Editor Check-In! continue to be broken. Although it is a distinct issue since there are actually links.

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Any news on what's happening with this. No audio-only podcast for Nite 3 yet either.

No worries if you're just busy with the post-E3 comedown.

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The download links for Editor Check-In are still 404ing.

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I know probably no one cares except me but it would be wicked if the download for this one could be fixed :)

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It should be fixed, I agree. But in the meanwhile you can download it from youtube.
Personally I'm a big fan of youtube-dl. But if you only want to download like a single video this may work:
Paste this link into that to get the E3 2019 editor check:

Just paste the youtube link and you should be able to download it. Or try another website, or download youtube-dl that is the best tool for the job.

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Or with youtube-dl:
youtube-dl -f best