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Heads up that I've updated the unofficial Plex app to include the new Giant Bomb branding, and also fixed a bug that was causing the entire channel to crash with live streams (it still won't play them, but you can at least see when they're active now).

Getting live streams working is on my hobby list though! Maybe over the holiday break.

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@deliciousbees: Thanks for rescuing this! I was like, crap, RSS subscriptions don't work for shows. Is there a channel on plex? there is!'s dead! wait, it got resurrected!

It was a real emotional roller coaster, thanks for making it a happy ending. :) Looking forward to any updates! It doesn't seem to track progress currently, which is a shame.

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Anyone else having issues with the plex plugin? For about a week or so I've only been getting "content is unavailable" no matter what I try to play now.

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Unfortunately Plex are phasing out plugin support (or have phased out on some clients)