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#1 Posted by Rocko2920 (13 posts) -

Does anyone else use the Giant Bomb Roku app? I just want to know if anyone else is having problems like i am. The app will not load at all. If this is a common problem or if there is a fix i would love to know. Thanks!

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#2 Posted by Lazy0718 (59 posts) -

@rocko2920: I use it. It appears to be working fine for me.

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#3 Posted by Rocko2920 (13 posts) -

@lazy0718: Ok thanks. I might have to try and delete the app and download it again.

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#4 Posted by SomeguyJohnson (145 posts) -

Came home today and my Giant Bomb app was completely gone from my Roku. I was able to reinstall it but when I do it just crashes back to the main screen. My brother has a roku too and he's getting a connection issue when he tries to use his. Anyone else have this problem?

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#5 Edited by imataqito (4 posts) -

The app was working for me around 6pm est but now its just stuck at the loading screen when i fire up the app from my roku3 and roku tv

tried rebooting my rokus and reinstalling the app, neither of which helped.

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#6 Posted by Nicalranter (8 posts) -

Yeah same here. After everything, it sits at the loading screen.

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#7 Posted by SethMode (554 posts) -

Randomly was looking for info about this because yep, same issue here. Just sits at the loading screen indefinitely for me. How am I supposed to sleep without the dulcet tones of Vinny?

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#8 Edited by TripleBee (1 posts) -

Won't open for me either.

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#9 Posted by indieslaw (541 posts) -

Same at my dad's.

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#10 Posted by NarficAcid (120 posts) -

Same issue here. I've had success before reinstalling the channel, but no dice this time.

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#11 Posted by hydrocoptic (4 posts) -

It's not loading for me either. :'(

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#12 Posted by ronindrummer200 (36 posts) -

same here

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#13 Posted by holyxion (37 posts) -

Same, and it's my primary way of viewing premium vids... I hope it gets fixed soon.

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#14 Posted by digitaldiatribe (104 posts) -

Yep, just got home and I couldn't open the app. Something's up.

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#15 Posted by Cdude9590 (55 posts) -

Same issue. Forever loading.

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#16 Posted by HighPriest (180 posts) -

I am also having this problem.

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#17 Posted by TalonG4 (2 posts) -

Was fine last night but won't load for me this morning either.

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#18 Posted by ebk (13 posts) -

It was working fine for me around 12 hours ago, so I'm guessing it not loading is a recent development.

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#19 Posted by tavistavistavis (240 posts) -

Was working until late last night for me, continues to not load at all today, I have uninstalled it and even reset my roku. I'm getting the cold sweats because thats how I consume giant bomb. Panic is setting in.

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#20 Posted by CustomOtto (623 posts) -

Glad I'm not alone on this.

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#21 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1850 posts) -

Had this issue last night after it working swimmingly for a good long while. I'll give it another shot tonight, but it doesn't sound hopeful.

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#22 Posted by pedantics1 (43 posts) -

+1 here


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#23 Posted by pedantics1 (43 posts) -

As a stopgap solution I'm using the Twonky app on the Roku along with Belkin Mediaplay (which uses an old version of the Twonky iOS app and still works on iOS 9) to "beam" the HD/60fps stream from the website.

Better than withdrawal. Hope they sort out whatever API shit has broken the Roku app though.

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#24 Posted by MrMazz (1188 posts) -

Wasn't loading last night and woke up this morning and it continues to not load. how odd.

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#25 Edited by Kashak12 (1 posts) -

It's also not loading for me; sad because it's definitely my primary viewing method :(

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#26 Posted by Bacon (77 posts) -

Same issue here. Launching it just goes back to the home screen. Kind of worrisome since I don't think they've had anyone look at it since the Whiskey days.

Luckily you can still watch through the Plex channel.

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#27 Edited by bummey (694 posts) -

The Giant Bomb channel won't load on my Roku 3, either.

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#28 Edited by Bezerker85 (264 posts) -

I've tried on my Roku 2 & Roku 3 and have had no luck as well.

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#29 Posted by Tabain (11 posts) -

The XBMC/Kodi add-on, which uses the Roku API I believe, is not working either.

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#30 Posted by Rorie (4351 posts) -
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#31 Posted by Dimmuxx (20 posts) -

Kodi addon is indeed broken.

Error Contents: <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>

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#32 Posted by Buddy900 (88 posts) -

Same prob im forced to use the youtube app

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#33 Posted by Stimpack (1004 posts) -

Oh, glad to see it wasn't just me having this problem. Was working fine yesterday.

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#34 Posted by rick (504 posts) -

@frobie needs to find our Roku and hook it up, figure out what broke and make better.

Everyone pray for @frobie

Seriously though, we changed nothing from our side.

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#35 Posted by Bacon (77 posts) -

Well, if both the Kodi and Roku apps broke it doesn't seem like a coincidence...

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#36 Posted by madhato (5 posts) -

Kodi is broken for me, was working yesterday.

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#37 Posted by gregSTORM (84 posts) -

Just checked the Kodi add-on and it had the API_PATH variable set to "" which no longer works.

Editing the add-on code to use "" instead fixes it

If anyone feels like doing this, you can open up "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\\" (or the equivalent path on another OS)

and replace the line:




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#38 Posted by one3eight (5 posts) -

if anyone is using *nix, the path to


Made the change posted by @gregstorm and works perfectly.

Thanks dude.

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#39 Posted by BaaG (31 posts) -

Ah, thats why it isn't working. Thought it was just me!

Looking through the source code of the Roku app it also points to

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#40 Posted by BTStreleckis (61 posts) -

Glad I wasn't the only one having issues. I primarily use the Roku for watching Giant Bomb content as well. Right now I'm using the YouTube app to watch recent stuff posted to the channel (/therealgiantbomb).

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#41 Posted by pedantics1 (43 posts) -

The YouTube app doesn't do 60fps though...

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#42 Posted by Bollard (7710 posts) -

@gregstorm: Thanks for that, was looking for the fix.

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#43 Posted by madhato (5 posts) -

@gregstorm: That fixed it. On Android the file location is: "/sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/"

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#44 Posted by Bacon (77 posts) -

Unfortunately Roku users can't go in and fix it...

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#45 Edited by Shtinky (1100 posts) -

It's not loading on Kodi, either.

Edit: nvm, ty gregSTORM! Was so easy to edit that thanks to me using Android (FireTV) and having ES file manager sideloaded.

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#46 Posted by heavymetalwaffle (138 posts) -

I'm having the same issue on a Roku 3. It worked fine a day or two ago, and I've attempted to use it a few times today (on two different Roku 3s) and it wouldn't load and would just sit on the "loading" screen.

Luckily (or un-luckily?) I found this thread and it turns out I'm not the only one.

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#47 Posted by MasterSwanny (83 posts) -

I watched the play station press conference then immediately after my roku app stopped working and now won't load :-(

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#48 Edited by jerrek (26 posts) -

Same here unfortunately, on both of my sticks.

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#49 Posted by MadScientist18 (27 posts) -

I was also having issues on my Roku 2 when using the app. It was stuck on the loading screen.

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#50 Posted by Hashbrowns (690 posts) -

Problems on my Roku as well, the app doesn't progress pass the initial loading screen.