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I finished writing my review of Yu-Gi-Oh! Stairway to the Destined Duel and tried to submit it to Giantbomb.com . However once I pressed "Create user review" the web site said the following and did not submit my review:

This object can not be reviewed.

Someone tell me what's going on here. Has there been a restriction on what games I can review? Is there a technical glitch or bug that's stopping the review from coming through? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Moving this to Bug Reporting. I hope your issue gets worked out.

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@raycarter: This may have been a technical glitch? I think that message only comes up when the system doesnt think there are any releases for a game (the button shouldnt show then though). Are you still unable to create a review? (I can at least get to the form fine).

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Just an update. I still can't submit a review. The same thing is still happening.