How to Submit a Detailed Error Report

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Sometimes when debugging problems on the site it can be really hard for us to pin down exactly what is going wrong especially with all the different browsers, operating systems, and extensions out there. You can do us a huge favor by supplying these extra debugging details if possible:

Browser Details

  • Operating System (eg. Windows 10, Mac OSX Sierra, Ubuntu, etc.)
  • Browser With Version: (eg. Google Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit))
    • To collect this data click Help -> About in most browsers
  • Extensions!
    • What extensions are you running (eg. HTTPS Everywhere, AdBlock+, uBlock, Ghostery, etc.)
    • About 50% of the time it's some extension causing the issue you're experiencing. Please try running the site in an incognito window (without extensions) this will solve a lot of issues and let you know it's an extension causing your problems!
    • Some particularly bad offenders:
      • Most adblockers (they like to block scripts and video assets sometimes) Adblock, uBlock, Ghostery, NoScript
      • HTTPS Everywhere. Our sites do not support HTTPS fully just yet (except for the login page) So until we fully support HTTPS (soon!) This extension will cause a lot of problems

Detailed Error Reports

  • Please submit the exact error message you're getting, screenshots are even better!
  • The exact URL you were on
  • What exactly you were trying to do
  • What time you were trying to do it
  • If at all possible please submit a screenshot or the text from the error console! This is a HUGE help
    • Chrome: Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac)
    • Firefox: Press Ctrl + Shift + K (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + K (Mac)
    • Internet Explorer: F12 -> Click 'Console'
    • Safari: Cmd + Opt + C
    • A screenshot like this is super helpful!
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This and any additional information you can provide would be very helpful!

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Windows 10 Professional Version

Mozilla Firefox 57.0.4

AdBlock extension (the extension never hindered my search bar before the Giantbomb update)

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Here is a picture of what any search looks like. It just gives me "Search for "zelda"" with no options. This happens with any game title or word. This is also occuring with Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Hope this helps.

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Operating System - iOS 12.0.1

Browser: Safari

Extensions: 1Blocker (issue reproduced with it disabled)

Issue: horizontal video carousels don’t have inertial scrolling on iOS. This type of scrolling is prettt much standard on websites and mobile apps, and swiping through videos without it is a real chore.

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OS: Win10

Browser: Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100

Extensions: Giant Bomb QoL (turned this off and the problem persists), Google Mail Checker, Honey, Lastpass, PixelBlock, Search by Image, Tampermonkey, uBlock Origina

Issue: After logging in I receive error 500. I can no longer access the site as it does this every time. I haven't tried clearing cache/cookies or anything like that. It does the same thing in an incognito window. No issues with regular GB site.

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


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Safari, iOS12

Follow button on shows in home carousel don’t reflect follow state. So shows I follow show a “plus” sign, I click it, it displays a “check” sign, and the site alert says I’m unsubscribed.