Image links for images in video comments are misaligned and don't work.

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I noticed this behavior on this page: on the second page of comments for the podcast. User Maitom posted two images of Control to show off the RTX features. When I tried to click "reply" I noticed the hyperlink was going to the image and not the reply function, so I was unable to reply. Additionally, clicking the images did not enlarge them, so the hyperlink to the images wasn't even working. I tried to investigate with the inspector tool and noticed this:

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As you can see, this is the <a> tag for the image to turn it into a link and it's shifted significantly downward, covering up the Reply/Quote buttons and preventing them from functioning. I normally use Firefox (currently 60.8.0esr) but I also test this behavior on Chrome (76.0.3809.132) and saw the exact same results.

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@ildon: Hmm, weird, I'll file a bug for this, thanks!