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When I attempt to add an image to a page, it gives me "An error occured[sic] while uploading the image". This is whether I am uploading a new image or taking one from my previous uploads. When uploading a new image, it is still successfully uploaded to my personal gallery, but not added to that game.

Example page: Velocity 2X

The above game clearly has at least one image as there is a main image, but the Images says it has 0. Also, the Images page shows a never-ending loading animated GIF. When attempting to add a new image, the above error occurs.

Using Firefox 23.0.1 on Windows 7. Also tested on Chrome 29.

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I've got the same problem (Chrome 29 as well). When you created a page and add the original image, that goes okay, but trying to add anything in to the gallery afterwards gives the error.

Edit: Also, adding images straight to my personal gallery works totally fine.

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having the same issue with a newly created page.


endless "loading" gif loop and always get an error message

using latest firefox on w7

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@rorie said:

@brake: @kamasamak: Is this happening on all pages, or just stubs?

Sorry! I bugged this. Hopefully it'll get taken care of soon.

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This appears to be fixed.