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Anyone else have this problem? I have my inbox empty, but it says I have a ton of messages.

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Have you looked in your outbox... and have you tried emptying it?

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It says I have 4. Can't get rid of it.

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@defade:Yes. Everything is empty and has been for a while.

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It says i have 82 unread messages but nothing shows.

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I load up the site, it says I have 17 PMs and it is lying to me.

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I deleted all my outbox stuff and it fixed it for me.

turns out there where some old deleted unread friend requests there

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I have 5 messages that I can't get rid of my outbox has a lot of messages it would take a while to delete them and I don't think it will fix it.

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So, deleting stuff in my outbox will get rid of the dumb number.

Man, now I wish that "select: All" actually did as it said and selected all of the mail and got rid of it.

Oh well, 7356 results, better get started

Edit: Awesome, that worked

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Anyone still having this problem?

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I have zero messages, but it still says that I have 27 messages. Many others are having the same issue.

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you're popular

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Same I've deleted my inbox but it's still sitting at 5.