Incorrect Video Length in Carousel

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The tag in the video carousel is showing an incorrect video length. For example this mailbag is showing as 1:20 but the actual video is 0:20:32

OS: Win 10 1809

Browser: Firefox 66.0.5

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This video is an odd one because some folks were instead getting GameSpot footage of a Need For Speed game. My guess is that the carousel is/was showing the length for that video?

FWIW I got the correct mailbag video but the carousel had the bad length as well.

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It's not only the videos. The "A Night at the Movies with Ben and Jan: Detectice Pikachu" for example shows an audio length of 6:59, while the actual length is 14:22.

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I'm having this exact problem too with those exact examples. I was just about to come here and post this too. I'm on windows 10 in chrome.

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