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For some reason, I can't access Giant Bomb from my home PC tonight. The URL keeps redirecting to the Google homepage. I've tried it in both Firefox and Chrome with the same result. Using my phone is the only way I can visit the site and report this.

Whatever the issue was, it seems to have corrected itself. Weird.

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I'm far from an expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but that's a weird one, and likely the fault of your computer and not the site.

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@sinusoidal: That's the weird thing. My computer was able to browse to it a few hours before, and I hadn't done amything out of the ordinary between visits.

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Did you tweet me about this last night? Because someone did. If this is happening to more than one person, then maybe there's a possibility that something funky's going on, but generally this kind of behavior is unlikely to be an issue on our end.