Last minutes of livestreams unavailable (segments 404-ing)

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Just wanted to make a quick error report for this issue I've been having with some GB live streams. Ocassionally I cannot watch the last few minutes of a stream once it's finished, for instance when I'm a few minutes behind using the DVR functionality or in the case of the current E3 videos where the video posted on the website is still technically the live stream.

Here's a screenshot from Firefox dev tools showing the segments near the end 404ing:

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I've seen this happen on different machines, different browser and software (Chrome, Firefox, ffmpeg, ...), on different networks, in different countries even. However it appears that it's not always the same in all regions. For instance, in some cases I will be able to access the last minutes when accessing the stream from my home connection (Germany, AS3320 or AS6830), but not from my server's network (France, AS12876) or vice-versa. This leads me to believe that this is probably an issue on Akamai's end where some edge servers do not have the video segments available for some reason.

At least in the case of the EA press conference stream (that has been replaced with a regular video while I was writing this post) I cannot access the full stream from either location.

I assume there aren't too many people affected by this, but as someone who often is a bit late for live streams and often lags 10+ minutes behind I would like to see this get fixed :)