Last seen episode in show is not saved? (Mass Alex page always shows Episode 02 to me)

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I couldn't find any threads about this yet; I apologize if it has been reported before. (I kinda wish it were possible to sort the bug reporting forums by thread creation date...)

My issue is somewhat related to the known issues with Continue Watching, but it seems different enough to me that it warrants a separate bug report:

I'm watching Mass Alex, and I'm currently at Episode 14. However, whenever I go to the Mass Alex show page (i.e. the page always presents me with Episode 02.

If it showed me Episode 01, my assumption would be that the site just always shows you the first episode of the show. But the fact that it shows me Episode 02 implies to me that the site should technically be remembering which episode of the show I'm at. If it doesn't actually work that way and it's just a misunderstanding on my part, then consider this a feature suggestion instead of a bug report ;).

Some debugging info:

I'm on Google Chrome, stable release. I have uBlock Origin, but it's disabled for Giant Bomb. I'm a premium member (I guess that's obvious, I wouldn't be watching Mass Alex if I wasn't). I tried watching the last ~45 seconds of Episode 02 again to see if it would show me Episode 03 from then on, but it still defaults to Episode 02 for me. I'm ~90% certain that I started watching Mass Alex after the site redesign, so I don't think it's a data migration issue with the new site.

And just in case remembering where I'm at in a show is somehow personal data under the GDPR, I guess it's worth mentioning that I am EU-based.

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Hmm today as I went to the show's page, I did get presented with Episode 14, which I was about halfway into. So either the issue has been resolved/resolved itself, or it remembers progress correctly if you're halfway through an episode, but not if you finished an episode and never started the next one?