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So I converted my old "games collection" list with about 160 titles to an unordered list (because I was under the impression that these can be of any length). I made some edits and then hit "save & exit". Now its only 80 titles long, the first page seemed to got cropped. I am kinda bummed out by this. Any way to roll this back?

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Can you throw me a link to the list?

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Yes please give a link to the list

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Similar thing happened to me. I made it a list of 160+ unordered some time ago and now after few edits it shortened itself to 34 (I've added one game after that happened) Here's a link to the list:


It's a pretty serious bummer since I have been keeping that list for years here (and stupidly nowhere else). I have enjoyed looking at it from time to time and reminiscing about games I played before.