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#51 Posted by ShadowFire01 (59 posts) -

Sorting by changing the number of an item isn't working like the old site did. After entering a new number, it just changes back to what it was before. Using the arrow buttons seems to work, but for large lists that just takes too much time. I'm using Firefox 20.0.1

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#52 Edited by EightBitShik (1492 posts) -

Lists broke in chrome, also yes please bring back the button to add a game to a list.

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#53 Posted by universalize (197 posts) -

sometimes the up and down arrow buttons don't work but changing the numbers of an item in the list a second time seems to work

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#54 Posted by Doppelgamer (372 posts) -

@ltsquigs: Thank you so much for the update on the status of a fix. Both the status update and the work you are doing is much appreciated.

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#55 Posted by lukos (91 posts) -

Can't add a item on my list, it apears on it when I add but after saving it desapears. No error is showned in fact a message of sucsesseful saved appears.

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#56 Edited by natedawg_kz (265 posts) -

Didn't have an issue with lists until recently, doesn't matter what browser l use l can't save the lists when l've made changes.

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#57 Edited by LtSquigs (296 posts) -

I can't reproduce the bug on re-ordering. There was a bug like that a while ago, but a fix for it was pushed. Using Chrome/Firefox on Mac I can't reproduce the issue.

@shadowfire01: Hmm looks like trying to press enter after putting in the new number resets it, but if you move your cursor outside of the box it re-orders it correctly. Will fix it to re-order on enter as well.

Not being able to add items is a known issue right now, hopefully the fix will be pushed out today.

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#58 Posted by peterpasinili007 (106 posts) -

I think it works now.

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#59 Posted by Aarny91 (3959 posts) -

I can finally add stuff again.

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#60 Edited by Doppelgamer (372 posts) -

Had to refresh the page to see the changes, but the lists are updating now!! Thank you!

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#61 Edited by 014 (425 posts) -

@ltsquigs said:

Ok I have fixed adding items to lists on our dev environment, but unfortunately that fix won't be pushed out until Monday next week.

The re-ordering stuff should have been fixed a while ago. The links not working in descriptions is intentional for now.

Thank you very much! I was able to add items today.

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#62 Edited by awesomeusername (4606 posts) -

@ltsquigs: Everything about the lists are fixed except saving. When I add or remove items, it doesn't save. Says there's an error. I'm dying without editing my lists. HELP

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#63 Posted by LtSquigs (296 posts) -

@awesomeusername: Ill try to reproduce this, looks like it fixed for most people. What list are you editing?

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#64 Edited by Kidavenger (4168 posts) -

Thanks for the fix, I just noticed my lists are working again now.

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#65 Posted by mropinion (50 posts) -

My list is still broken. I only have one list and when I try to add to it, it says "Problem occurred while processing submission."

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#66 Edited by DCam (147 posts) -

I'm having an error saving a list. A few days ago it wouldn't let me save anything. Today I could save 5 items. When I tried to add 18 more it had trouble. I trimmed back the ones I hadn't commented on, but still had the error. Tried knocking special characters out of the comment fields, still had the error.

The list I've been trying to edit is: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/dcam/lists/my-ds-and-3ds-collection/84305

Oh no! Looking now, I guess it was working, but I was still getting an error back. The list is now in the state after I had deleted games that I wanted to add but hadn't commented on. The total list is supposed to be 23 items longs. Response status was 500. Of course, I got the custom 500 page, so no real details to offer.

So, here is my submitted form data from the Chrome dev tools:

  1. user_list[title]:my DS and 3DS collection
  2. user_list[body]:<p>I surprise myself by how many (3)DS games I own. Maybe it's just because most of them are still physical cartridges.</p>
  3. autocompleter:
  4. user_list[items][0][description]:Based entirely on the Quick Look, and discussions in the bombcast.
  5. user_list[items][0][position]:1
  6. user_list[items][0][assocTypeId]:3030
  7. user_list[items][0][assocId]:28028
  8. user_list[items][1][description]:I think I picked this up because of a review in Edge. Definitely worth it. Love the style and the touch screen mechanics. Admittedly, I could never really get the dual-screen fighting working to my advantage.
  9. user_list[items][1][position]:2
  10. user_list[items][1][assocTypeId]:3030
  11. user_list[items][1][assocId]:20677
  12. user_list[items][2][description]:Love the animations. And, of course, the puzzles.
  13. user_list[items][2][position]:3
  14. user_list[items][2][assocTypeId]:3030
  15. user_list[items][2][assocId]:11865
  16. user_list[items][3][description]:Without couch co-op, I never invested myself that much in this game.
  17. user_list[items][3][position]:4
  18. user_list[items][3][assocTypeId]:3030
  19. user_list[items][3][assocId]:6539
  20. user_list[items][4][description]:So much fun. Didn't think about it at the time as a Tactical RPG. Later playing Fire Emblem, I could very much see the resemblance.
  21. user_list[items][4][position]:5
  22. user_list[items][4][assocTypeId]:3030
  23. user_list[items][4][assocId]:11939
  24. user_list[items][5][description]:
  25. user_list[items][5][position]:6
  26. user_list[items][5][assocTypeId]:3030
  27. user_list[items][5][assocId]:22336
  28. user_list[items][6][description]:Tried it based on Penny Arcade's Tycho's enthusiasm for it. It didn't draw me in. I go back to it occasionally and am impressed by the new mechanics I discover, but it introduces them too slowly for my taste. Also, the tower defense battles are too easy to lose at the end, requiring the whole battle to be set up and played again.
  29. user_list[items][6][position]:7
  30. user_list[items][6][assocTypeId]:3030
  31. user_list[items][6][assocId]:21064
  32. user_list[items][7][description]:
  33. user_list[items][7][position]:8
  34. user_list[items][7][assocTypeId]:3030
  35. user_list[items][7][assocId]:21611
  36. user_list[items][8][description]:
  37. user_list[items][8][position]:9
  38. user_list[items][8][assocTypeId]:3030
  39. user_list[items][8][assocId]:20145
  40. user_list[items][9][description]:
  41. user_list[items][9][position]:10
  42. user_list[items][9][assocTypeId]:3030
  43. user_list[items][9][assocId]:31147
  44. user_list[items][10][description]:I wish I was better at matching three.
  45. user_list[items][10][position]:11
  46. user_list[items][10][assocTypeId]:3030
  47. user_list[items][10][assocId]:16014
  48. user_list[items][11][description]:First rhythm game I truly loved.
  49. user_list[items][11][position]:12
  50. user_list[items][11][assocTypeId]:3030
  51. user_list[items][11][assocId]:11982
  52. user_list[items][12][description]:Too easy to put down for years.
  53. user_list[items][12][position]:13
  54. user_list[items][12][assocTypeId]:3030
  55. user_list[items][12][assocId]:3666
  56. user_list[items][13][description]:
  57. user_list[items][13][position]:14
  58. user_list[items][13][assocTypeId]:3030
  59. user_list[items][13][assocId]:22703
  60. user_list[items][14][description]:I bought this first on iPhone. It was impressive but didn't quite "fit," so I tracked down a used DS cartridge.
  61. user_list[items][14][position]:15
  62. user_list[items][14][assocTypeId]:3030
  63. user_list[items][14][assocId]:21100
  64. user_list[items][15][description]:Bought a DS for this game.
  65. user_list[items][15][position]:16
  66. user_list[items][15][assocTypeId]:3030
  67. user_list[items][15][assocId]:5482
  68. user_list[items][16][description]:Got so far playing this on borrowed N64s back in the day. I ended up stuck int he water temple despite reading GameFAQs though. Haven't made it there on the DS yet.
  69. user_list[items][16][position]:17
  70. user_list[items][16][assocTypeId]:3030
  71. user_list[items][16][assocId]:31776
  72. user_list[items][17][description]:Really WANT to get further in this game based on the descriptions of the crazy later levels by Patrick.
  73. user_list[items][17][position]:18
  74. user_list[items][17][assocTypeId]:3030
  75. user_list[items][17][assocId]:34303
  76. user_list[items][18][description]:I wasn't quite as fatigued as some by the design, but I didn't have the opportunity to play them to death during my PC youth.
  77. user_list[items][18][position]:19
  78. user_list[items][18][assocTypeId]:3030
  79. user_list[items][18][assocId]:8224
  80. user_list[items][19][description]:Digital Downloads finally!
  81. user_list[items][19][position]:20
  82. user_list[items][19][assocTypeId]:3030
  83. user_list[items][19][assocId]:38064
  84. user_list[items][20][description]:Love the mechanics of this game.
  85. user_list[items][20][position]:21
  86. user_list[items][20][assocTypeId]:3030
  87. user_list[items][20][assocId]:18208
  88. user_list[items][21][description]:I tried the GBA era Fire Emblem from the ambassador program, played most of a Saturday away, and that convinced me to download this as well.
  89. user_list[items][21][position]:22
  90. user_list[items][21][assocTypeId]:3030
  91. user_list[items][21][assocId]:36394
  92. user_list[items][22][description]:Haven't played it yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it.
  93. user_list[items][22][position]:23
  94. user_list[items][22][assocTypeId]:3030
  95. user_list[items][22][assocId]:36926
  96. autocompleter:
  97. user_list[templateStyle]:full
  98. user_list[_token]:f0e8138ccefa4565eae60a47e56cc9be7208cec7
  99. user_list[body]:<p>I surprise myself by how many (3)DS games I own. Maybe it's just because most of them are still physical cartridges.</p>
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#67 Edited by DCam (147 posts) -

Ok, I tried to add the items back in. I received an error again. Here is the source view of my form submission, and I'll post the response after:


And here are the response headers. Hmm... why is set-cookie in there twice?

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
Cache-Control: no-cache
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Date: Sun, 05 May 2013 01:47:23 GMT
Server: nginx/1.2.7
Set-Cookie: _promos_seen=%5B6875%2C6889%2C6912%2C6920%2C6923%2C6947%2C6957%2C6974%2C6991%2C7050%2C7054%5D; expires=Wed, 05-Jun-2013 01:47:23 GMT; path=/
Set-Cookie: _promos_seen=%5B6875%2C6889%2C6912%2C6920%2C6923%2C6947%2C6957%2C6974%2C6991%2C7050%2C7054%5D; expires=Wed, 05-Jun-2013 01:47:23 GMT; path=/
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.11
Content-Length: 6074
Connection: keep-alive

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#68 Edited by Ethan_Raiden (373 posts) -

I'm having trouble saving lists, I have 67 items on it and it wont save any more, it will let me add the items, but when I save it doesn't update. Using firefox.

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#69 Posted by peterpasinili007 (106 posts) -

....not again....

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#70 Edited by peterpasinili007 (106 posts) -

....I checked back my list and the item is there.

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#71 Edited by mento (3732 posts) -

Yup, lists are broken for me too. As well as the usual boring issues with not being able to save changes to a list whenever an item's position on the list is changed or the item is removed entirely, the list engine now refuses to add Bioshock Infinite to lists and actually removed it from lists it was already on (unless at some point someone deleted its original page because of a duplicate? I can't imagine that's the case though.)

Actually, this text editor is also broke. It types in black despite the fact I have the black theme on, as well as being all Times New Roman instead of whatever sans serif font the site usually uses. Consternating.

Using newest versions of Chrome and Win 7 Pro.

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#72 Posted by djames216 (489 posts) -

I don't know if this is intentional or not but having just created a new list I noticed that it instantaneously received 1/1 vote. So unless some weirdo is watching my page 24/7 waiting to vote on new lists as I create them then this appears to be a minor bug.

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#73 Edited by Rorie (4128 posts) -

I know we have some issues with lists over 100 items. I believe an engineer is looking into long lists and we'll probably wind up paginating lists above 100 items or so in the near future. I'll find out who's on board for that and make sure they read this thread to see about other issues, too. Sorry for the trouble!