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I was trying to watch the Bombast live today and the video kept stopping after 5-10 seconds and the dropping me back to an old ad break. It would show Drew sitting alone at the controls while a Blue Pron ad played. It would then go to random break music. I tried refreshing dozens of times and it kept doing it.

I also logged out, cleared my cache, closed all running apps and restarted my device (iPad 4). I've watched almost every bombast live and many other live shows from this iPad and this is the first time I've had any thing like this happen. Normal archived videos seem to play fine still.

I emailed support about this and Rorie suggested I post here and tag @wcarle. So here goes.

I appreciate any and all help.


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Happened to me too using Chrome on IPhone. Safari on IPhone no longer plays videos of any kind as of a few days ago.

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So the plot thickens. I was able to watch Blue Bombin' fine but UPF gave me a similar issue to the Bombcast live. It would cut out after 5-20 seconds or so but this time it would just freeze instead of jumping back to an earlier part of the stream.