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I'm not able to see the list of people following me when I look on my profile. The follower count iteslf seems to be working, but clicking on the follower count leads to an unpopulated list of usernames. However, the number of pages that the follower list should be is showing up in the correct location. The following list seems to be working fine, it is just the follower list that is not populating for me. I am using chrome on windows.

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I'm experiencing that problem.

I'm experiencing the weird text in the chat box problem.

And trying to create a new thread or poll leads to a white page half the time.

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Same here,

the site's features seem like they have been progressively catching on fire all month. E3 does that to a place I guess.

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There's a bug in for this, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

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Will be fixed on the next deploy.