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I've a strange predicament that could benefit from help. I'm subscribed to the site on a monthly basis and have been for some time now, but decided to upgrade to a yearly subscription during the Mother's Day sale. I bought it through PayPal because that seemed like a good idea, but that upgrade doesn't look like it's been ratified yet. My billing cycle just passed by today, charging me the regular monthly rate. Now, I don't mind having spent that money, but it would be cool to get the yearly subscription applied so that doesn't happen again.

Is there anything that someone out there in the ether could do? D: This seemed the most likely board for this sort of problem.

Thanks in advance!

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@toasterdylan: If I missed updating you based on your Paypal purchase, get in touch at support@giantbomb.com and I can go back, get you extended, and refund your purchase. Sorry for the trouble.