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I do a fair bit of editing here, and the error messages are now popping up a lot more frequently, and with more troublesome results.

More often than not, edits result in the Whoops error message, although sometimes the edits are actually processed.

There's a much more worrisome outcome sometimes, however - a few times today, I made edits and received error messages, and the errors didn't show on the page. However, edits involving creating new person pages were creating the new person pages, and nothing else.

Fortunately, I caught that one after creating only two new person pages. But you can see how a bunch of empty person pages might be created without editors even realizing it.

I know we're beating a dead horse with regards to wiki problems, but I figured that in the interest of trying to solve these problems, I should let you guys know.

Good luck!

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I'm seeing wiki editing errors galore as well. Most, they're messages that indicate that an error has occured, but refreshing the page indicates that the edit was actually processed.

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Is this still occurring? I think we had a server issue this weekend that should've been resolved.

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@rorie I don't edit nearly as frequently because of the increased number of errors I encounter, but when I do sit down and do some more, I'll let you know!

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@rorie: Not that I've seen. Might have been a hiccup.