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#1 Edited by Rorie (5868 posts) -

We are moving to a new search system today on GB and the other sites. Please do leave us a note here if you see anything truly wonky with it.

"I just wanted to send out a quick note and let you know that the complete rewrite of our search system is going out today. This includes changes to the main site search as well as autocomplete boxes in the CMS and all across the site. The interface shouldn't change much but you should notice speedier searches and better results in general."

That's what wcarle says, at any rate! This should be a bit better about popularity; Super Mario Odyssey will show up on the first page when you search for "Super Mario," for instance.

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#2 Posted by EightBitShik (1516 posts) -

When I was using the search to add a game to a list (the quick search I guess is what it's called" They are billions did not show up. however, when searching the site I was able to find it and add it manually. Not sure if this is related.

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#3 Posted by wcarle (405 posts) -

@eightbitshik: You're not finding it when trying to add to a user list? It seems to be showing up for me:

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#4 Posted by Rorie (5868 posts) -

Me too:

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#5 Edited by Nerdware (76 posts) -

The search bar stopped working for me, today. Throughout the entire site, none of the search bars work when I try to search anything on the site. Nothing loads. It just pops up with the loading bar and immediately cancels the search. Will continue to try.

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#6 Posted by katpottz (511 posts) -

wow, this is way faster than the old search, great job.

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#7 Posted by wcarle (405 posts) -
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#8 Posted by 49th (3915 posts) -

It works! Yesterday I tried searching for "Breath of the Wild" and nothing relevant appeared, but today I actually found the game!

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#9 Edited by adam24 (98 posts) -

The new search box on the top bar makes it a bit long on iPad coupled with the event call out as of this writing. It had a gear icon on the right hand end that served the same purpose as the new drop down. No need to add unnecessary bulk to something that worked before.

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#10 Posted by hassun (10029 posts) -

Will this be extended to the forums as well? That's where I've had the most issues trying to use the search function on GB itself.

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#11 Posted by bassman2112 (1201 posts) -

No criticisms to speak of, over here! It is working far better than the previous system, and is intuitive. Thanks, devs! <3

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#12 Posted by Bumpton (502 posts) -

The first game I searched for maybe wasn't ideal... Seems a lot faster though!

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#13 Posted by JohnyMyko (1895 posts) -

It's insanely faster than the old search and feels much more usable now, great job!

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#14 Posted by cannoli (46 posts) -

On Mac/Firefox, the search bar is pushing my profile image out of the browser window. It occurs just outside of the 960px breakpoint. I can't replicate it on Safari or Chrome, so it looks to be Firefox-specific. Anyone else having this issue?

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#15 Posted by deactivated-5c15a9c63664d (190 posts) -

Awesome! Now I can find videos on 2018's hottest video games!

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#16 Edited by Vamino (286 posts) -
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Pretty minor complaint, but using Chrome and the dark theme (the proper theme) the dropdown there in the search looks quite ugly (that is, the white around the dropdown). My suggestion would be for the dropdown to be white no matter the theme, as it looks fine then.

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#17 Posted by Bollard (8185 posts) -

Just wanted to say it feels much better to use than the old search. When I wanted to find stuff previously I would just go to Google and do a "" search instead, but that no longer feels necessary :)

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#18 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7838 posts) -

So, I'm not even getting anything to show up now in the search engine drop down. I tried multiple search terms like Pokemon, Mass effect, Uncharted but it just won't display any results for me. The only thing I could do was type it in at the top of the page and hit enter; then it would take me to a results page. But that doesn't work when adding things to a list.

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#19 Posted by IVDAMKE (1824 posts) -

Hmm, somethings up.

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Works great for real searches so far though.

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#20 Posted by adam24 (98 posts) -

@cannoli: same here. No need for excess bulk.

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#21 Posted by Rorie (5868 posts) -

@themanwithnoplan: We're pretty sure this is due to an Akamai issue and should be resolved when their cache expires in a day or two. Sorry for the trouble!

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#22 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5990 posts) -

Heyo! In general this is a huge improvement! Thanks so much for your hard work!

One thing I noticed, maybe on purpose, maybe not, but there doesn't seem to be any search result refresh trigger on deleting letters.

I'm on Mac OS 10.13.2, Safari 11.0.2, but also confirmed same behaviour on Firefox 57.0.4

for ex:

  • type "shoryuken"
  • you will get results
  • add an extra "n" (shoryukenn)
  • now you have 0 results, which is correct
  • delete the extra "n" on the word
  • the results will not refresh

I assume this is on purpose to help with speed and that makes good sense I think. A way to refresh / button in the bar, to open/close the drop down, is maybe a decent solution? Sometimes typing to refresh leads to wonky results / odd user behaviour. As if I am working around the search, rather than with it...

Anywho! A big big thank you for the update!

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#23 Posted by Tearhead (2472 posts) -

The "All" button isn't vertically centered in the search box and it's driving me crazy! It's off by a couple pixels.

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#24 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7838 posts) -

@rorie: No worries. Just glad to hear it's being taken care of. Thanks for the response!

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#25 Edited by pikahyper (82 posts) -

On CV we lost access to a lot of data that used to display in results, we lost the Publisher in the results for:

  • issues
  • teams
  • episodes
  • arcs
  • characters
  • and movies

for common names/titles there can be dozens and dozens of the same name, like just "John", having the publisher under the name meant we could differentiate between different ones. This will most likely result in lots of duplicates, multiple submissions where we have to guess and hope its the right one each time and for the lazy editors lots of the wrong page associations just because they were in the first page of results.

Dates are also missing from movies and arcs.

And you can no longer search for specific issues in the wiki or what I guess you call the autocomplete box, works fine in the main search bar and when adding to lists for some reason but nowhere else.

Edit: Also one of my search tricks where I would add a special character at the end of the search term(s) no longer works, before it would display specific results first like typing "John+" would display just John first and then ones with a last name would display after, one of the tricky ones before was finding Batman, he would never show up on the first page of results since so many characters have Batman as an alias so I would search "Bruce Wayne+" and he would be the first result, it was a great workaround and the only way to find some pages that were not indexed correctly like a character named "No" he couldn't be found (until now), it feels like the lack of this little hack will result in it taking more time to find correct results. The results are also really bad if you search multiple words, it looks like it is searching each word separately.

Edit: It looks like if you search for an issue/episode when "All" or "Wiki" is selected it won't return any results if there are too many (like Batman #100 has no results), but if there are only a few, there is an exact match or its an issue/episode that was recently added it will show it, for example there are three "Trump's Titans" issues, one of the three displays (the first one which is an exact match). Also if an issue or episode does not have a title it shows just the dash separator, it would be better if nothing was shown if there is no title, for example "Example #1 - Example Title" (with title), "Example #1 - " (if there is currently no title) and what would be ideal "Example #1", pretty sure the lonely dash separator wasn't there before for ones without a title.

Important Edit: The search engine has a problem with anything that is not English/uses non-English text, I just experimented with Japanese and Russian and it sees them as the same thing unless it is an exact text match and even then not always, searching Бесобой ignores the alias under All but it will bring it up half way down the results if Volume is selected, the first result is something in Japanese with no matching characters, for example if I search 週刊少年マガジン (Weekly Shonen Magazine) it is the first result cause it is an exact match but the second match is for Dragon Ball Super which has none of the same characters (ドラゴンボール超(スーパー)), if I search just one of the Weekly Shonen Magazine characters like 週 the first character Dragon Ball Super is the same first result and I think maybe it is because of relevancy because an episode was added to it recently instead of having any corresponding text characters. CV is a global wiki and we use the aliases extensively for multiple languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc. and many of them have text characters that will be ignored or return watered down/incorrect results.

Edit: Found some more missing data, when adding characters to issues, episodes, etc. the results no longer show the number of appearances they have, like listing the publisher having the number of appearances also helped differentiate. Also it is a small thing but in the results for volumes and series it says Volume/Series then year, those should probably be swapped so it starts with the year then says volume/series, "2000 Volume" instead of "Volume 2000".

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#27 Edited by pikahyper (82 posts) -

I'm not sure if the search on CV is being worked on right now since wcarle is over there idle but for the past 4-5 hours when adding characters to issues search will just glitch sometimes and not pull up anything relevant at all, results will be completely random and completely omit what was being searched for, when going through the pages of results some will repeat, other times it will pull nothing up at all. If you refresh the page it will work again. Sometimes it happens immediately and other times only after adding multiple characters. It is very annoying, so far it hasn't happened at all for Creators or Teams, these three types are the ones I add the most so I'm not sure about the other association types.

Edit: Got another weird character glitch, not sure how to explain it though, basically if you search for something and don't select a result and then you search for something else it won't search the new thing, I was trying to find a character named Archer and I couldn't find it so I pasted in his full name Obadiah Archer hoping it would come up from his alias but the results didn't change, then I decided to search for the next character to add Armstrong and the results stayed the same and then I tried another character and it was the same so basically the results are stuck until I save the page and then edit it again to add the missing characters.

Edit: also it looks like you guys might have a problem with post counts here, before posting in this thread I only had 4 posts on GB now all of a sudden I have 50/51, it keeps changing between 50/51 when I refresh the page. I've edited my posts about 10-12 times total but that is still far from 50+.

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#28 Edited by steveeasley (18 posts) -

Hey pika. Thanks for the detailed reports. Your feedback, and others, is being gone over and improvements and fixes are coming quickly. Thanks for all the detail.

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#29 Posted by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@steveeasley: thanks for not ignoring me, that's pretty much all that happens on CV, I swear it's like CBSi tells you guys not to interact with us.

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#30 Edited by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@steveeasley: oh there is also something I'm hoping you can tweak for me, it is something that has annoyed me since the new platform was launched after the buy-out, in the CV search filters can you make them match the corresponding wiki section? Arcs should be Story Arcs, Companies should be Publishers and People should be Creators, it is a tiny little thing but after all these years it really hits my OCD.

Also I see the wiki filter section is in alpha order descending but Series and Episodes are at the bottom out of order, can they be put into the alpha order? can the Editorial section be put in alpha order as well?

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#31 Edited by pikahyper (82 posts) -

Got some more missing data, when adding creators to issues the count for their associations is missing from the results, this is another bit of data that helps with differentiating.

And when adding issues to lists from the list page search doesn't always show issues, it seems to randomly work if the issues were recently added but not all the time and old stuff doesn't show up.

And a question, how often are counts updated in the search index now? I'm glad the counts are accurate for the most part since the search engine was deployed but I'm curious how often it will update in the future as things added today are not being counted yet.

Edit: Looks like the search engine doesn't like things that start with "The", if you do an exact match that starts with "The" it won't be the first result, for the one I discovered this problem for it wasn't even on the first page of results it was on the second, what I searched was "The Queen of Hearts", a character page. If I search just "Queen of Hearts" she still shows up on the second page of results so its not just ignoring "The", the is somehow skewing the results.

Edit: Search has a problem with short exact matches, I'm trying to add a character named Red and the exact matches don't start showing up until page three or four, it is pulling up aliases first and then results with Red in them and then scattering exact matches. I had to give up trying to add the character cause there are just too many Reds without being able to see the publisher metadata in the results.

Edit: I found an exact match that doesn't work for Creator pages, searching "Sam Keith" has him on the second page of results and the first result has nothing to do with Sam or Keith, so far he's the only creator an exact match hasn't worked for.

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#32 Posted by Sweep (10608 posts) -

Are there any plans to let us search for users and/or thread titles?

That would be very, very helpful :P

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#33 Posted by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@sweep: What an odd thing for you guys not to have, with GBs active editorial department and how much your community interacts with the editorial side of the site that should be a priority, even to the extent that Editorial should come before Wiki in the filter menu. You guys had user search on the pre-buy-out platform right?

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#34 Edited by Sweep (10608 posts) -

@pikahyper: I can't remember to be honest. It's always existed in some form, there's a user search when you're adding PM recipients for example.

Being able to search for threads would be a much higher priority. Right now the most reliable way to search for forum threads is to open a new tab and use google, which seems bananas. When I'm looking for editorial content I'll usually go to the games wiki page and navigate from there as it'll be in the videos tab and the staff, to their credit, have been pretty good at linking all the played games in their streams to the right pages.

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#35 Edited by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@sweep: I hadn't heard forum search was a mess for you guys as well, I can't remember how many years its been useless for us, pretty much everyone knows to use Google these days, pretty sad really.

Do you guys have problems with your forum queue being down all the time too?

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#36 Edited by Sweep (10608 posts) -

@pikahyper said:


Do you guys have problems with your forum queue being down all the time too?

What do you mean by forum queue?

EDIT: just realised you mean the moderation queue. No, it's been fine for us, I think?

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#37 Posted by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@sweep: That's good, we've had problems with ours for years.

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#38 Posted by fisk0 (6953 posts) -

I just encountered something weird trying to add A-10 Cuba! to the similar games for a wiki page. The main search gives the right result when you start typing A-10 Cuba, but the results in the "Similar Games" search bar in the wiki editor gives completely unrelated results where barely a single character matches.

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#39 Posted by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@pikahyper: any ETA for getting the metadata back for search results? I am not looking forward to working on new releases a second week in a row without the metadata, any speed gained from the new engine is lost due to the extra time it takes to do everything manually without the metadata.

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#40 Edited by krandor (6 posts) -

On the CV side thre are also some weird issues with searches through the API. FOr example, dashes don't parse correctly so a search for x-men fails but xmen works. Also, it seems more specific searches with more information fail but less specific ones (that will return more values work), For example Xmen days of future past fails, but just a search for future or xmen will bring it up. Basically a search of more then one word is likely not to return correct information. This latter one now forces less specific searches that return more data instead of being able to just search for specificaly what is needed.

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#41 Posted by krandor (6 posts) -

Here is some additinnal information on what we are seeing in the CV API and it started about the time the new search came online


Yeah, something is definitely up with things on ComicVine's end.

Had to use "Doctor" to scrape two separate Doctor Who titles.

"Dorothy & the Wizard in Oz" was a no go. "Dorothy" was the term that got me the scrapes.

No to "Final Crisis Aftermath" Had to use "Final" to scrape Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance and Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape.

Used "Harley" for the new Harley Quinn: Be Careful What you Wish For special.

"Super" was the keyword for New Super-Man.

"Scooby" for Scooby-Doo Team-Up.

"Shadow" for The Shadow/Batman.

"Teen" for Teen Titans Go!

Basically, it looks like if there is any kind of punctuation or non-letter character, it is now throwing the scraper off. Taking it down to the first word seemed to do the trick to get the scraping working, but it clearly has a new bug, as most of these are series I've scraped before with no problems.


I agree with you, this must be on Comicvine's side... they must be fiddling with the API once more... ;(

Now, there is still something more... there seems to be a problem also with the search terms needed to find a comic... it seems (but I haven't found a real trend) that searching for "word" only shows results for "word", not for "word+something else"... Let me give you an example:

This comic: "All-New Ghost Rider - v02 - Legend (2014) [...]"

- Searching for "All-New Ghost Rider" shows nothing

...... hence, the problem with "-"

- Searching for "All New Ghost Rider" shows nothing

...... yet, another problem with "-"

- Searching for "AllNew Ghost Rider" shows only the "All-New Ghost Rider" series

...... but no series including "All-New Ghost Rider" + something... like "All-New Ghost Rider Legend", as would be expected

- Searching for "AllNew Ghost Rider Legend" does the trick, but then again it should have come up in the previous search


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#42 Edited by fieldhouse (2 posts) -

@katpottz said:

wow, this is way faster than the old search, great job.

LOL, that would probably be because it isn't working for searching any comicvine content anymore.

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#43 Posted by DaMoo (88 posts) -

I'm not sure if this is related to the new search being rolled out, but searching for Users on the users page ( is no longer working. If I try to search for myself "DaMoo" in the "Search Users" text area, I get no results.

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#44 Posted by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@damoo: it just requires an extra step on GB, after you add the search term and hit enter on the results page change the filter from All to Users or Community.

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#45 Posted by Vamino (286 posts) -

Don't know if this change is because of me, but thank you all the same devs! It looks much cleaner. :)

@vamino said:
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Pretty minor complaint, but using Chrome and the dark theme (the proper theme) the dropdown there in the search looks quite ugly (that is, the white around the dropdown). My suggestion would be for the dropdown to be white no matter the theme, as it looks fine then.

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#46 Posted by steveeasley (18 posts) -

@pika We just rolled out many fixes including metadata in results, better matching for foreign characters, and better matching on issues/episodes (like Batman 100). Still tweaking the metadata format though. More coming.

Also, many new fixes and improvements are in the works based on all the feedback. Thanks everyone for the comments and reports, keep them coming.

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#47 Edited by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@steveeasley: the search indexer is down on CV, as far as I can tell every page added or renamed in the last twelve hours has not been added/updated in the search index. In an hour or so I'll be adding over a hundred pages and it'll suck if they don't get indexed. Is the new engine able to go back and index things it may have skipped while down? the indexer goes down from time to time and stuff gets skipped, last time a couple hundred new issues were not added and are still not in the index.

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#48 Edited by Bollard (8185 posts) -

Not 100% sure this is the fault of new search, but pressing "Change" on hyperlinks is now busted:

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The "To Giant Bomb Content" tab entry field is locked, the X doesn't clear it and you can't type in it anymore.

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#49 Posted by pikahyper (82 posts) -

@bollard: we've had that bug on CV for years, with all the updating it sounds like something migrated from CV to GB.

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#50 Posted by Bollard (8185 posts) -

@pikahyper: It might very well have been here already too, I just rarely modify links to on-site content (usually I do external URL links).