New site, Autoplaying Videos.

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#1 Posted by Efesell (4541 posts) -

Videos are now automatically loading something from Up Next, and on the PS4 browser starting them automatically.

This is very annoying and unlike with the old site I don't see a button to check in order to make it stop, is it a setting located elsewhere?

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#2 Posted by pezcore343 (29 posts) -

It's also autoplaying for me on Chrome. I'm hoping there's a way to disable it or that one's in the works.

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#3 Posted by BeachThunder (15158 posts) -

Being able to disable that would be lovely.

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#4 Posted by Efesell (4541 posts) -

At least if the youtube player is available it prevents this from happening..

Sure was a great system before where it was... a button that said Don't Do That.

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#5 Posted by FLStyle (6679 posts) -

Firefox here, also autoplaying, please fix!

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#6 Posted by Sessh (3398 posts) -

Yeah, this needs to go.

Also the next video in the cue gets added to the "continue watching" cue, even if you don't start it. That's a really dumb bug.

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#7 Posted by Morningstar (2466 posts) -

Autoplaying is the worst.

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#8 Posted by Wolferey (77 posts) -

did they really not include any way to turn off autoplay?! ;/

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#9 Posted by Ruken (90 posts) -

Autoplay should be off on every site by default

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#11 Posted by fargofallout (411 posts) -

I would like to chime in to say we should have the ability to disable autoplay. I love Giant Bomb, but autoplaying videos are among the worst design trends of the last few years, and not presenting an option to disable autoplaying videos is even worse.

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#12 Posted by peachykeen (34 posts) -

i agree with everyone in this thread, death to auto play anything

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#13 Posted by NicksCorner (556 posts) -

I too, am not a fan of autoplay.

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#14 Posted by HeghmohQib (250 posts) -

We are in the era of designers thinking they know what you want better than you do. Creating quality of life features nobody asked for and assuming everyone is going to want it. Hopefully I'm just being cynical and this is just a bug. I don't want my GB to be as much of a pain in the ass to use as youtube or Windows.

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#15 Posted by Efesell (4541 posts) -

@heghmohqib: I don't see how it can possibly be a bug, it's a countdown to the next video that's playing and everything.

Unless the bug is Oops There's Supposed to be a Disable Button.

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#16 Posted by peachykeen (34 posts) -

this needs to go. got told in a tweet that pressing pause will stop auto playing videos from happening again but it starts doing it again after you close the browser. this needs to be an account setting or something. not sure why ya'll thought autoplay was a good idea in the first place.

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#17 Posted by beef_melody (422 posts) -

Another problem with autoplay I noticed (other than the lack of an option to disable) is that if you're watching the Deadly Premonition ER, it doesn't distinguish between Brad/Ryan and Vinny/Jeff episodes so jumps between the two playthroughs.

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#18 Edited by hassun (10009 posts) -
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#19 Posted by Rorie (5819 posts) -

This indeed should be live now on your profile settings page, a couple of lines below your avatar picture selector. Sorry for the wait.

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#20 Posted by hassun (10009 posts) -

Heads-up, the setting seems to have been reset. You will need to turn it off again on your Settings page.