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So, first off, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but as I literally get no results when searching the forums, I can't find it if it has. Whenever I search for anything in the main Forum box (to the far right), I get an error saying 'Invalid Date' under Start and End Date. From that point, when I try and get more specific and narrow it down, no matter what search terms, what date, and what Forum I search, I get zero results for ANY search. I've tried using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, and I've disabled every possible extension/ add-on I can to no avail. No results, nothing no matter what. If it's on my end, I have absolutely no idea what the cause could be. Thanks all.

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@bestyhammar: Thanks for the note, I'll file a bug for this!

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I am experiencing this bug as well on safari, both ipad and mac.

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This should be fixed now, thanks for the report