No Video Bombcasts In Premium RSS Feeds

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I’ve had a lot of issues with Bombcasts not appearing in the premium video RSS feeds. The last one the Bombcast feed got was 571 - none have appeared since then. Could do with a fix :)

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@v_ben: Hey, let me check on this!

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Just wanted to provide some info to help in tracking down this issue.

It looks like the Video Bombcasts appear fine under the "All videos" video RSS feed, but only some appear under the "Premium" video RSS feed. Possibly just a tagging issue where the video bombcasts aren't tagged as 'premium' content so aren't being picked up automatically by the RSS generator?

As of this posting the latest video bombcast under "All videos" RSS feed is episode 579 (16 April).

Latest video bombcast under "Premium" RSS feed is episode 577 (2nd April).