Not exactly a bug - more of a feature suggestion?

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For content that has both premium and non premium versions (video Bombcast for example), can a link to the premium version of the video be embedded in the page of the non-premium version?

Using the Bombcast as an example, right now the current Bombcast is featured on the main page - it links to the non premium version of the video. In order for me to access the premium version, I have to go digging into the videos/premium menu. I'd love to see a link to the premium version of that content embedded either into the content's thumbnail on the main page (perhaps small icon link), or somewhere embedded in actual proper page the content resides in.

In other words, I'd like to see a link for Giant Bombcast 535: Our Crazy Apocalypse (Premium) somewhere on the page or thumbnail for Giant Bombcast 535: Our Crazy Apocalypse.

It's a small quality of life improvement that would cut down on a few extra clicks a moments for your users.