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The Problem

When I navigate to giantbomb.com it does not show me as logged in. I can click the "Login" link in the top right corner, log in, and be redirected back to the landing page (giantbomb.com) and I will still be logged out. This means I'm always seeing ads on the front page despite being a premium member.

If I click on the link to the forums then the top right corner will show me as logged in without any problems. Returning to the front page shows me as logged out again (and behaves as if I'm logged out, i.e. there are ads).

If I click on a link to a video (including premium videos) then it will show me as logged in and I can play the video. Again, returning to the front page from there shows me as logged out.

If I click the "Join" link in the top right corner then the Join page (https://auth.giantbomb.com/signup/) shows a message at the top that says "You are already signed in silly. Sign out first, then sign up."

Additionally, it appears that if I wait a while (5+ minutes?) on a page that shows me as logged in correctly (e.g. forums, video page, etc.) (turns out this happens on any page, including the landing page) then try to return to the front page or refresh the front page it finally shows me as logged in correctly.

After a while (a few hours?) of not browsing the site when I return to the site the problem returns.

Environment Details

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Browser: Reproduced with Chrome v56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) in and out of incognito mode.

Also reproduced with Firefox 51.0.1 (64-bit) in and out of a private window.

Additional Details

Here's a screenshot of the console following logging in and getting redirected to the front page:

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