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A drop-down box for "Notifications" briefly appeared next to my PM box in the upper right, but after a few more page loads it was gone. Never seen it before. Is this feature supposed to be active or was it a mistake?

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New-old notifications!!.

Um... Hi. 'Nice room you got here. Almost-black. Nice..

Edit: And,. now they're gone.. So.. bricks are nice..

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I suspect that it's probably something the engineers are just testing out. I think GameSpot separates out notifications and messages in a similar manner, so I'm thinking some of that stuff might eventually feed into GB.

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That happened to me too. It scared me, but it went away, so I'm just gonna go about my day whistling a tune and pretending it didnt happen...

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@saturdaynightspecials: About 20 minutes ago, I randomly got an email notification that a guy had replied to one of my comments. I got that email, but no PM record of that guy replying to me. I assume that is related.