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So when I'm scrolled to the top of the chat feed, new messages push the old messages DOWN, like usual, but if I'm scrolled partway down the chat (looking at old messages, etc.) then new messages are pushing old messages UP. It's very strange and incongruous. I'm in Chrome on macOS.

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I have noticed this too, on both Chrome on Windows 10 and Chrome on iPad Air 2.

Additional chat issue in Chrome on iPad: tapping the speech bubble icon to see the message someone is replying to brings up the iOS keyboard.

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This is being looked into right now; apologies for the trouble!

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@lanerobertlane: @kcin:

Temporary workaround for Chrome users:
Go to chrome://flags and disable "scroll anchoring". Worked for me and thanks again to CBSi engineer @wcarle for suggesting this in chat last week.

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This should be fixed now. Please let us know if it happens to not be.