Outer Wilds review missing

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So I wrote a review for Outer Wilds and it's now missing from the review page


But I can still see the link to it in my profile although it's no longer active?


If it was taken down for some reason, and I dunno why it would, I wasn't notified of it and I thought it was a pretty decent review. Just curious whats up with that, kind of a shame since I do try to put a bit of work into these reviews even though hardly anyone reads them.

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The exact same thing happened with my Observer review about a month ago. Still shows up in my review list but the link goes nowhere, and going on the game's page shows no reviews at all. No idea why they are just disappearing.

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@wemibelle: It's a shame because it kind makes me not want to ever write a review again if it's a recurring bug that is yet to be fixed. I write reviews in Google Drive but do a fair bit of editing when copying them over here.

It's also just a bummer to have something you worked on suddenly disappear. Not a whole lot of people read user reviews but I like to check some out once in a while or even read what I thought of a game from a few years ago which is always a real weird experience to be reading words you don't remember writing.

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@wemibelle: @humanity: Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; I'm going to file a bug to see if I can get these reviews restored and also have an engineer look into what the underlying reason there is that they're vanishing. Sorry for the trouble.