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I opened my first thread and wanted to embed a tweet, but instead of using the tweet button here, I just went on twitter and used "embed tweet". Thought there would be a preview when clicking the "create new topic" button, but I ended up posting the markup instead :(

Also, when trying to edit the post, I got an error message, unfortunately I did not look at the error code in the console.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work!

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@mpozelot: Doesn't really seem like a bug to me - for obvious reasons, GB isn't going to allow including arbitrary Javascript (which the Twitter embed code requires) in a forum post. It's something they could account for (replacing Twitter's code with a GB-native Twitter embed), but not really what I would categorise as a bug.

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... I was just looking up the Porg. I saw it in the trailer and saw someone on Facebook say its name, so I checked it out on the wiki. Sorry, nothing to do with your post, but of course someone was going to have that as their avatar. That is what that is right?

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Thank you for your answer!

Despite the edit button not working, I was able to use other features, such as pool voting and even adding a post to the thread.I was even able to access the topic from my account page, but not from the forum itself. Labeling a bug as technical is always debatable ofc, but from an user point of view I felt like the forum was malfunctioning.

Furthermore, the user should not have been able to post in the first place, and the message validation should have shown a prompt saying "we detected code in your post, please remove it" or something else.

Anyways I would label this a low prior bug form the moment, since I wouldn't know where to put it :)

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@ntm: No clue, just randomly found it on Discord.

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@mpozelot: Not sure what Discord is (though looking it up, it's some kind of chat for gamers?), but yeah, that's from the new Star Wars, shown in the new trailer and I guess has been making people go 'oh, that thing is so cute!'