pfp/avatars no longer updating in chat

okay I'm not personally affected since I haven't changed mine, but multiple others are: when folks update their avatar, the one displayed next to their names in chat remains the old one, despite the new picture correctly showing up on their profile. seems to be the case even when the previous avatar is deleted from their profile gallery. should be easily reproducible in /infinite, but I assume it also affects /chat.

#2 chaser324  Moderator

This has always been a thing with chat. A lot of that information gets cached and doesn't immediately get reflected.

However, I'm not sure if under the current implementation, if that cache periodically expires or if it only gets cleared when a new chat session is created.

oh that might be the cause then, as I recall it would take a minute or so (at least in /infinite) but more recently, possibly since the chat update, the new picture won't show up at all.

#4 chaser324  Moderator

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this may have changed with some of the recent chat updates.

I'll have to take a look, I know there is a delay in the update due to the way Firebase talks to our DBs. But I'll check that the updates didn't break that altogether.

it actually seems like it only affects the /infinite chat, I asked one person to check and the avatar correctly displayed in /chat but is still not updated in /infinite.

@cat-elemental Ah that helps a lot. I bet I know what the issue is there. I'll bring it up to the team and see what we could do.

this bug still persists, and it appears that name changes similarly aren't reflected in /infinite chat

I can see changes reflected in my profile, but GBi doesn't want to pick up on my new avatar. Admittedly I did it today, but I've made other changes in my profile to see if that would trigger a change, no effect so far.

Hi it seems this bug is still happening. Any news on an update would be greatly appreciated!

Erm, bump (ty!)

This is still in the bug tracker but it's going to be a pretty low priority for a while compared to all the terms and services work the engineers have to do as part of the Fandom acquisition. I'll try to let you know when it gets pulled into active work but it might be a while yet.