Premium Content on Phones - iPhone, Chrome

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#1 Posted by RazielCuts (3292 posts) -

I can't seem to get Premium Content working on my phone? It's fine for live shows but I went to watch the recent Demo Derby and I just get a black 3 second video.

Anyone else having this problem? Maybe it's just that video, I haven't checked yet.

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#2 Posted by Nightriff (7200 posts) -

I've been having tons of issues with chrome/iphone the past week or more. I can't watch videos, can't load comments on videos, can't post a comment on forums. Really annoying because a lot of my posts are usually from my phone on a break or lunch at work.

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#3 Posted by fledeye (264 posts) -

I'm having the same issue. It improves a bit if I request the desktop site in the Chrome menu, but it still won't play Premium videos. Live streams and Quick Looks seem okay.

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#4 Posted by Nev (778 posts) -

I've been having the same problems as the previous posters, down to it often working with 'request desktop site'. Using an iPad and Chrome.

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Yea same issue on my iPhone, 3 seconds of black screen. I can click download and it will play in a new window though.

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