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Maybe I'm misinterpreting the sale, but it says $15 off. Right below it says become a premium member for $35/year. But the price at the bottom of the page and at checkout is still $49.95. Previous sales were $35 with no t-shirt/credit. Normal price was always $49.95 with a t-shirt/credit.

Is the $15 store credit now the sale?

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I saw it working yesterday. Assuming the sale is still going in then this is a bug. The sale should be as it always was $35/yr.

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I Hope the sale hasn't finished. I was going to upgrade from a monthly to a Yearly subscriber on my birthday (2nd Dec)..

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New member here. The sale pushed me to upgrade to premium but yeah, I can't see the option in the billing page. Hope it's a bug and I didn't miss the opportunity.

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I thought it was just a bug, but I changed from monthly to yearly with this deal but it charged me $49.95. So be cautious and wait it out to see if it will change back.

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Pinging @rorie for when he gets back from Thanksgiving weekend.

The sale is still being promoted so I'm sure this is some kind of bug and they will honor the promotion. The staff is on thanksgiving weekend so probably won't be back until Monday, but I'm sure Rorie can help ya'll out with this when he gets back. =)

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Thanks I forgot to ping him in my post. Please @rorie, you're my only hope.

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They still let you upgrade from store.giantbomb.com, right? It's still $35 without the t-shirt over there.

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Yeah I just bought another year tonight...then got the email saying I was charged $50. I'm sure they'll make it right, tough with the holiday weekend.

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I also bought a premium membership today and got charged the $49.95. I'm hoping the $35/yr offer wasn't paypal exclusive

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I upgraded at about midnight on thanksgiving night and was only charged 35.

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