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I've been a monthly premium subscriber since day one. All of a sudden, within the past hour or so, my sub seems to have gone missing. I'm seeing ads, and I can't get at any of the premium content. My billing cycle starts closer to the end of the month (I'm paid up), and I was able to access premium just a short while ago. Anyone else having this problem?

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@whatthegeek: Looking into your account now. Stay tuned.

Edit: I just PMed you some information.

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I'm having the same issue right now. My sub should be good, but getting ads and no access to premium content.

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Ditto here. Odd.

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Same. Seem to have suddenly become not a subscriber as of Jan. Weird.

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Me too.

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and me also. freak out. hard.

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I have the same problem now as well, and I'm a monthly subscriber.

Everyone else having the problem a monthly subscriber?

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It seems widespread. I'm a monthly subscriber with the same problem.

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Same here, I emailed Rorie today but hopefully it gets fixed soon. I want to watch the GB Unplugged! :(

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Same here. I've just had mine set to auto-renew. Now it's back to Free.

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I'm having the same problem. I'm a yearly subscriber and automatically paid for renewal at the end of January. I'm guessing the problem is the same merchant service error that Rorie mentioned before. I've e-mailed support. Hopefully it's something easy to fix because it looks like it could be affecting anyone resubscribing during that period.

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Myself as well. Bummer it's such a widespread issue.

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Well, i just subscribed again. Was afraid it would give me an error but it worked fine.

Hope it doesn't double charge me.

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Ya, I checked my bank account and it looks like there was no renewal. It was supposed to renew the 26th, and I definitely watched the Unplugged so I think they had a problem accepting payments and all subscriptions just quit renewal. That really fucking sucks for GB I assume, guessing they will lose a lot of income due to this.

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Hey guys.

If you have outstanding issues with this, contact support[at]giantbomb.com

In some cases, auto-renews might not have occurred to your account. If you think that's the case, please email rorie there.

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My subscription didn't renew. So I just resubscribed with the same CC. No problems so far...

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Happened to me as well. I sent an email to the address indicated above, but haven't heard back.

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hmmm, this just happened to my account as well.. how long does a support ticket usually take to resolve?

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@turner: Hey there. Can you log out and back in? Let me know if that's good.

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It happen to my another account before