Premium User Video Downloads not working (Now also Podcasts)

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Since about Wednesday, its been extremely hit or miss whether a video will download from the site for me. I'm running the latest version of Windows 10, and I've tried across Chrome (my primary browser), Firefox and Edge, all running their latest versions, and I get the same thing, a video will download a few MB and then just stop. I've also tried in incognito modes, and been getting the same thing. When they're not downloading, more often than not, they'll also not play for more than a few seconds in the web browser.

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This is what I get in Chrome when I've attempted to download a video.

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And here's the error in incognito mode

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As of Today (Monday 26th Feb 2018) This is also now happening with Podcasts

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@dazzhardy: Are you doing this on a home network or a work network? This seems to be more related to network problems. Did you recently change router or firewall settings?

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@wcarle: I'm on a home network, and unless somethings changed at my ISP's end that I'm not aware of, there hasn't been any changes to my router or settings. Giant Bomb's been the only site I've had the problem with, downloads from other sites work fine, as does using Steam. Currently, it doesn't seem to be happening, and the random nature of it occurring is making it rather hard to troubleshoot. I'm still getting the SSL Certificate thing but, touch wood, everything seems to be working right now, so I'm at a loss for what could of been causing it.

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I think this is related to the video player buffering issues in this thread. I think the CDN is overwhelmed during peak hours (evening and weekends).

When I work from home or update/download my podcasts or look at video content, I have perfect download speeds from the GB video download links compared to other reference urls (Ubuntu ISOs, etc) in the range of 5-6m/s.

When I do the same in the evening (after 5pm CST), speeds from the GB video download links will vary between 200k/s to 1m/s where reference urls do around 3-5m/s.

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@dothtm: That would explain why I've only been getting it at certain times and have been unable to find a cause for it on my end.