Premium videos gets the "/free-video" URLs sometimes

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#1  Edited By Forcen

This happened once when the first minecraft stream happened, i saw that it was a free video so I sent it to some friends and it turned out to be a premium video. Not sure how it happened that time but here you can reproduce it:

  1. Go here: (This video was was unlocked as free at some point i think?)
  2. Click the video, you should end up at
  3. Click any other video in the carousel, mario party party 2 for example.
  4. Now you should end up at (it's not a free video)

I also noticed that with this video: This one might be accidentally free?

You can even add any text with a dash like this: and if you click a link like this and then another video in the carousel will have this text.

When you have a premium membership it's not really obvious what videos are premium or not unless you log out often, these URLs made it very clear until i noticed this bug.

Bonus bug:

PS: Start including the title of the show in the tab name, it looks all weird with some videos like the mario party party and others should contain the show name anyway for clarity.

PPS: This problem seems reversed for other videos, they contain the show name in the tab but not in the URL. This is inconsistent and confusing.

Here is a gif showing the 2nd bug:

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Lastly, thanks to everyone who keeps this site running. You guys are the best.

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#2 rorie  Staff

@forcen: Thanks for the note, I'll see if someone can look into this.