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Premium Videos wont load on my PS4 browser anymore, I Can't watch beat in the east ep5 or the latest blue bombing. Has something changed in the last week?

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Same problem here, it's been broken for me since Tuesday. Free videos I can switch to YouTube and watch fine but I'm screwed for any premium stuff.

Please help us engineer-duders!

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Is this where it won't try to use the HTML 5 player? I've had issues on occasion where the PlayStation will try and play the Flash stream, but then it says that PlayStation doesn't use Flash. It usually goes away. I wasn't sure if it was video playlists being available or something. Not really sure how their player works.

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Borked on my PS4 (and Wii U) as well. Worked on Monday, but starting on Tuesday the white circle just spins and spins when trying to use HTML5 player.

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Having the same issue. Won't work on HTML5 setting, but the videos will load for me under Progressive

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Same problem here. Works fine on my PC and Android phone.

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Same here. Progressive and YouTube still work, but I hate the YouTube quality and cant seem to skip around on Progressive, so this is extra annoying when trying to go back to where I left off in a video.

Please fix HTML5 :(

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Same issue. Progressive still works however, HTML5 seems to be the only trouble spot.

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Can confirm this problem as well. Feel like it happend after 4.5 update.

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@xwillx said:

Can confirm this problem as well. Feel like it happend after 4.5 update.

This issue popped up for me before the update.

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Confirming this from Germany. Noticed it only after the firmware update, but it could have started earlier.

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I've got the same problem, YouTube and progressive still work, streaming doesn't.

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I'm having the same issues 😢

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Also having this issue. I sure hope someone is on this! Can't use chrome to watch premium videos on PC and now ps4 is broken. I'm literally just giving money away at this point!

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Heads up to people with this issue: when I switched from HTML5 to progressive on my PS4 I was having extreme audio / video sync issues. I turned the quality from HD to High and it fixed the problem and I'm able to watch GB content on my PS4 again, but I have to stick with progressive. Hope this HTML5 issue gets resolved soon.

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I was having this problem as well untill I clicked on settings the little gear icon in the lower right on videos and clicked on the progressive option everything plays fine now. Hope this helps.

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I've also had this problem lately. Been using XBMC addon in mean while but that only does 720p for somereason. want that 1080p goodness.

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It would be cool if we got some kind of heads-up about a coming fix for this from somebody - I don't mean to sound impatient but my PS4 is my sole way of watching GB content right now. My laptop display is pretty messed up. On PS4, progressive mode works, but it's not super reliable. For the new Yakuza video I had to mess around with quality settings before progressive worked for me.

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Yep HTML5 won't work for me on PS4 had the same audio sync problem as inresurrection switching to high at least allowed me to play the video

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Just OOC, are you all on wired or wireless connections to the PS4? I just loaded up the latest Beast in the East and it seems to be playing in HTML5/HD mode OK. But I'll keep poking around.

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@rorie: I'm running wired through a powerline adapter. Sadly HTML5 is still not working on my end.

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@rorie: I'm using wireless if that helps.

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Alright, it does look like I have issues with HTML5 on my home machine, so it might be a bandwidth issue. Progressive does seem to work OK so I would recommend using that while we try to figure out what's causing this.

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@rorie: Thanks for the heads up, Rorie!

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Thank you, Rorie. I can also confirm that the HTML5 player has stopped working on my PS4 in the last few days. While progressive mode works, the video is very choppy and doesn't seem to play very well.

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@rorie Can confirm that a 100 mbit wired connection wont play HTML5, so I'm not so sure about bandwidth being the issuue.

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I have the same issues.

Can't watch anything live now either without HTML5. Wired connection.

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@gooster: Progressive "works" but has serious audio stuttering when in "HD". If I turn down to "High" the audio issues go away, it does occasionally pause playback for no discernible reason though. Also have 100mb connection, though house has a lot of traffic.

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I believe Will figured out what is causing this and a fix should be out sometime this week.

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Yep fix coming this week!

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@rorie: I see you guys figured out a fix! Just chiming in that HTML5 vids don't work, I have to switch to progressive, high quality. On a wired connection, original PS4 with latest firmware. Thanks y'all