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#1 Edited by yeliwofthecorn (106 posts) -

Hopefully this hasn't already been covered, I tried looking around a bit first and couldn't find anything.

My issue is with the video player. The progress bar (or tracking bar? the bar at the bottom of the player) doesn't disappear on a certain setup I have. On my desktop PC it's fine, but I recently hooked up an old tower to my TV and for some reason on that setup it never goes away. Other video players don't seem to have this problem (youtube, vimeo, etc.) but it makes it very difficult to watch premium content on the TV.

I have tried all the standard troubleshooting steps (switched between progressive, html, and progressive) turning off the mouse, moving it everywhere I can, etc.

  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Browser: Chrome
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Type Of Player: All
  • Adblock: Off

I don't know if the issue is on my end or not, but given that the issue is only with this specific video player I decided to ask for some help. Also, if this question would be better suited for the main video player bugs thread, please let me know.

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#2 Posted by rick (504 posts) -

Do you have a gaming mouse by any chance? As a developer I ran into a similar issue with Logictech drivers that kept reporting micro movement even if no mouse was plugged in.

Did you make sure you have the latest version of Flash?

Can you get away from Vista? I mean that's the first thing anyone would look at and say "There's yer problem!"

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#3 Posted by Samaritan (1729 posts) -

I've been having the same issue recently as well on both my MacBook Pro (Mavericks) and my PC (Windows 7). Only happens in fullscreen.

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#4 Posted by rick (504 posts) -

I've been having the same issue recently as well on both my MacBook Pro (Mavericks) and my PC (Windows 7). Only happens in fullscreen.

I have 3 different MBPs all with Mavericks and cannot reproduce this. Do you have any special kind of hardware or maybe professional video editing software installed? Anything beyond simple stuff like Word, Excel games etc.

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#5 Posted by Samaritan (1729 posts) -

@edgework said:

@captain_felafel said:

I've been having the same issue recently as well on both my MacBook Pro (Mavericks) and my PC (Windows 7). Only happens in fullscreen.

I have 3 different MBPs all with Mavericks and cannot reproduce this. Do you have any special kind of hardware or maybe professional video editing software installed? Anything beyond simple stuff like Word, Excel games etc.

No special hardware, and the closest piece of professional editing software I've installed in Photoshop CS5. It is incredibly sporadic and only happens once every 10-20 videos, but when it does happen I have to refresh the page to get it to disappear properly.

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#6 Posted by rick (504 posts) -
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#7 Posted by Samaritan (1729 posts) -

@edgework said:

@captain_felafel: Do you watch stuff on hulu a lot by chance?

Not sure if you're trying to troubleshoot, or a bizarre marketing research email. :P

But no, I've used Hulu, like, once.

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#8 Posted by rick (504 posts) -

@captain_felafel: LOL. I mention hulu because I know its player has similar issues. I'm fairly sure its a bug in Flash. If you had special hardware or professional editing software that stuff tends to mess with the mouse wether you're using it or not which would account for the overlays not going away, but absent of that I'd have to say for you its a Flash issue. For OP I would point at Vista being the worst POS OS that Microsoft ever put out (and I'm not usually a MS hater).

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#9 Posted by Samaritan (1729 posts) -

@edgework said:

@captain_felafel: For OP I would point at Vista being the worst POS OS that Microsoft ever put out (and I'm not usually a MS hater).

That's a real controversial stance you're taking there, Edgework. :P

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#10 Posted by Torabi (83 posts) -

I'm having this issue as well. At least with the HTML 5 player it won't go away.

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#11 Edited by IR240474 (2 posts) -

What you do is hover your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen where the play button is, the progress bar should disappear in 1-3 seconds.

I found the info from http://superuser.com/questions/829744/video-progress-bar-will-not-go-away-in-full-screen I saw that the users here were having the same problem as my self and it works.

Hover over the play button on full screen.. i love the internet and sharing!!

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#12 Posted by Rasnik (41 posts) -
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#13 Posted by MichaelMLP (1 posts) -

I was having the same problem as well, and I went to my mouse settings and DESELECTED "Enhance Pointer Precision". That cleared up the problem for me.


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#14 Posted by GBRSGR (1 posts) -

I realize this is an old thread, but I am having this issue while on mobile (samsung s7, regardless of browser.) Started when the video player was changed a little bit ago, and the interface hasn't faded out since.

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#15 Posted by srk_mcrae (33 posts) -

Same problem as @fistedbygosling , using my Droid Turbo 2 regardless of browser.

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#16 Posted by DanishingAct (349 posts) -

Getting the same thing with chrome on my galaxy s5.

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#17 Posted by abomunist (130 posts) -

Confirmed on My Galaxy S8 edge. Will not disappear.

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#18 Posted by TViddy (108 posts) -

Just long press on the screen until it does a little flash. The bar and icons will disappear after a couple seconds.

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#19 Posted by steveurkel (1119 posts) -

There seems to be issues with the progress bar on desktop and on mobile. Interestingly enough using mobile the progress bar is at the TOP and doesn't go away so the entire video you have a RED BAR MOVING and its incredibly irritating. I've brought it up several times and no one seems to care.

Also on mobile when watching a video that is being live streamed it has an INFINITE loading circle. I have an iphone 7 and a samsung tab s2 and on both of them using WIFI or just my phone carrier the bar spins infinitely. It goes away when I "request mobile" but that has a whole other sets of problems on mobile.

Do I need to start a new thread for this issue or are people aware of the progress bar at the top of videos? It has made me go to youtube to watch any giant bomb videos except live ones (which I can't watch due to the infinite streaming thing) on mobile.

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#20 Posted by giantmidget999 (60 posts) -

@tviddy: Thanks I was having the same problem and that fixed it

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#21 Posted by RotBot (32 posts) -

This is happening for me again on desktop Chrome, Windows 7 and Windows 10. Mouse won't go away, controls won't go away. I can switch to the Youtube viewer to fix it, but that's not an option for premium vids.

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#22 Posted by giantmidget999 (60 posts) -

The problem came back as soon as I exited full screen

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#23 Edited by jojjo333 (60 posts) -

I'm seeing this happen in the last couple of days. At least it's not only me :)

Youtube player works fine - as pointed out by @rotbot. I'm watching the videos on a Win 10 laptop. Should mention that haven't watched GB content on my stationary PC for a coupe of days, so i don't know if it occurs there as well (Win 10) - perhaps it's fine over there. Will try it out tomorrow.

Edit: Same problem. However, I got a second monitor on the stationary PC so i can circumvent the problem by dragging the mouse, "hiding" it, on the screen I'm not watching the video on.

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#24 Posted by void (272 posts) -

This started happening today for me. Not seen the problem before with new video player.

Firefox 53.0.2, Windows 10

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#25 Posted by mjhwwbg (180 posts) -

Same issue on Chrome, Windows 10.

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#26 Edited by CaptainBeaky (2 posts) -

Started happening for me yesterday too. HTML & Progressive Player, Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64 bit), OSX 10.9.5

Update: Also tried this on my Macbook running OS Sierra and my Windows 10 machine with same results.

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#27 Edited by Zer0Evil (26 posts) -

The player menu/controls won't disappear when in fullscreen on PS4.

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#28 Posted by Tomba_be (180 posts) -

Video player controls on the site don't disappear in fullscreen. W10, updated Chrome. Seems to be happening for a few days now, both in the HTML5 and Progressive modes. They do disappear in the "small" player, and in the Embiggen mode. Also do not disappear in Fill Browser mode.

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#29 Posted by Sweetz (1070 posts) -

Same here.

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#30 Posted by DinK (1 posts) -

This started happening to me today as well, in multiple browsers (Chrome and Edge) across multiple machines. Mouse and progress bar won't go away. Youtube works fine, indicating to me it's not a mouse movement issue.

On a machine with two monitors, the progress bar goes away immediately when I move the mouse off the screen, but on a machine with one monitor that's not an option. Maybe the bug is with something that keeps the mouse active on screen.

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#31 Posted by JustinRT (8 posts) -

I am also having this problem.

I'm on Windows 10. I can't get the progress bar/controls to go away on either Chrome or Edge.

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#32 Edited by citizencoffeecake (1498 posts) -

Had this problem with UPF this evening too in Safari OS whatever is latest.

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#33 Posted by fanboyremix (9 posts) -

It's not a solution but if you click the "download" button and then the HD button it will play the video in your browser and that video player behaves correctly.

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#34 Posted by ZipCrash (226 posts) -

Same issue here. It was just doing it in fullscreen so I started watching it fill the browser mode thing and then after I paused it and came back, same video, it's doing that in that mode now too. Really annoying, especially since there's were the faces are. Windows 10. Chrome. Just started yesterday I think.

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#35 Edited by Sen0r_Awes0me (166 posts) -

Fullscreen of the GBE Megadate had a non-disappearing progress bar at the eye level of three of the hosts.

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chrome
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Adblock: Off
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#36 Edited by D_W (1790 posts) -

Same issue here. Wins 7, Firefox. Tried some of the solutions mentioned in this thread, but none worked.

Also tried closing and reopenning my browser as sometimes that fixes issues I've had with wonky video things, but that didn't do anything.

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#37 Posted by avyshue (99 posts) -

I'll throw my hat in this ring, since it seems the report problem with the video player button disappeared right before i had my first ever problem with the video player. win 10, chrome if it matters.

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#38 Posted by CamGearz (22 posts) -

Hey, just wanted to report this on my end as well. Using the PS4 browser as it's the usual way I like to watch GB on my tv. Happens only during full screen, the progress bar goes away when it's the normal small player on the page. Tried switching to Progressive and even other settings, no avail. It's only a slight annoyance but just wanted to say it's there on the PS4.

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#39 Posted by wierdmouse (2 posts) -

Yes, this has been an issue for me the past couple days on my PS4, as well. I was able to watch the Saturn video this afternoon with no problem/progress bar, but I wanted to check out the Megadate this evening and the progress bar will not disappear in fullscreen mode. The other day, restarting the PS4 solved the issue, but that did not work tonite. Thanks for any assistance/fixes!

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#40 Posted by KamasamaK (2501 posts) -

I have been having this problem as well. I can only get the bar to disappear when the cursor moves off of the video, which is not possible in full screen.

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Browsers: Chrome / Firefox / Edge (All 3)
  • Type Of Player: HTML5 / Progressive (Both)
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#41 Posted by hopalonghorus (8 posts) -

I'm experiencing the same issue as well, on PS4. Only started a few days ago.

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#42 Posted by Dave_Tacitus (2365 posts) -

Same issue with me for the last couple of days. W10/Chrome/both players

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#43 Posted by TheOtherBelmont (46 posts) -

The same issue is happening to me as well:

Windows 10, Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit), HTML 5

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#44 Posted by PlayerPrime (21 posts) -

I'm also getting the same, using Chrome on Windows 7

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#45 Posted by gbstu123 (20 posts) -

Im having this issue too, tried switching between HTML5/Progressive, moving mouse into corner, turning gaming mouse off, switching from chrome to edge and no luck :( it only started happening last night when I watched the GBE Megadate livestream. The progress bar was covering everyone's faces the whole time

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#46 Edited by Syndrom (493 posts) -

having the same issue, started today. chrome windows 10

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#47 Edited by makyds (9 posts) -

Same here, Chromoe, Windows 10. pls halp.

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#48 Edited by coldblood (193 posts) -

Same is happening for me on win10 machine. If I fill browser and move the mouse away from the window it goes away.

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#49 Posted by Nbz (71 posts) -

Yep, same thing is happening to me as well. Can get rid of it if I move my mouse to my second monitor

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#50 Posted by katpottz (486 posts) -

same, chrome, OS X yosemite.