QL crew: Embedded "GB video player" / "premium video" crashes browser tab on iPad.

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I know QL Crew is third-party, so I'll tag @szlifier in this, but i'm guessing the issue is more likely with the embedded video player?

When on iPad on a QLcrew page, tapping play on a GB Player video (Not YouTube Embed) causes the "oops, this page crashed." error message.

To repeat first make sure you're logged into Giant bomb, and you have linked your account via https://qlcrew.com/link_app.php

Then surface a list with premium videos, (eg: https://qlcrew.com/?anyone=anyone&vid_type=all&q=%22Mass+Alex%3A+Mass+Effect+2%22&game=any&hlt=any&per_page=15&rev=yes2&nav=1&notes=0 )

Finally, tap play on one of the premium videos from QL crew (to play in the embedded player, not opening link to the video on GB)

Video begins to load and shows the spinning wheel, hangs then crashes the tab.

This does not happen playing the video direct from the Giantbomb site.

iPad Air 2, Chrome or Safari browser.