Query about watchlist option on videos

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I did a search today on a few videos related to one game and opened them in different windows. Each of them had a watchlist button which i clicked on and saw a checkmark. So I closed the windows.

On my watchlist though it seems to just be shows? I just want to know if those individual videos wentanywhere that I did not see? :) Thank you.

I found the topic from earlier where someone was requesting individual videos added to watchlist as it was only shows then, i am hoping this changed and i just did not see where they are.


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Yeah, it's a little confusing, but watchlists are subscription to shows, so you'll get a notification for when a new video is posted for that show, but you can't put specific episodes in that list.

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I do hope that functionality is coming. Not to sound rude to the team but subscribing to specific shows doesn't seem particularly useful. If they were going the Netflix route with this redesign, which seems like more than a small influence just based on visual design, building a watchlist functionality and then not having it actually add the shows to a watchlist is confusing.

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Thank you for the clarifications :)

I look forward to that if it comes. My use case is I sometimes wait until I finish a specific game then check all GB coverage.